A summary of Every Single Thing Ive Found Out About Keanu Reeves Sweetheart Coz I Cant Let This Get. Leave a comment

A summary of Every Single Thing Ive Found Out About Keanu Reeves Sweetheart Coz I Cant Let This Get.

The other day, I shipped you the bittersweet media that Keanu Reeves seemingly have a gf, after they and a female had been found holding grasp at a red carpet function in la. Since you may for reasons uknown dont understand why this really is bittersweet, it is sweet for Keanu that we adore and with had a difficult existence also its sorrowful for us because SOME OF US LOVE KEANU.

Ahem. Anyway, the lady in question is definitely 46-year-old specialist Alexandra aid, whom was very pleased without a doubt is signing up for Keanu at said celebration.

Real image of how smug i’d looks if I ended up being holding possession with Keanu Reeves. Credit: Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for LACMA

And exactly why wouldnt we getting? The guy happens to be a delight. But Ive done some research and located around that regrettably for all of us envious sluts, Alexandra also may seem like a delight.

Heres the thing I revealed:

1. No, she is perhaps not Helen Mirren

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20,000 comments on the facts last night are like lol is actually dat helen mirren lol. Uncanny to consider more the particular one female in the arena might end up being appealing and sport gray hair! But Im below to share with we it’s conceivable. Its occurred. It is not Helen Mirren, it’s Alexandra aid. A completely age-appropriate lady for 55-year-old Keanu staying internet dating.

Pictured: Not At All Helen Mirren. Account: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

2. Alexandra Grant is definitely talented.

As someone who has possibly one (1) natural talent in the world (Im great at discovering what dresses TV set characters were sporting and purchasing them for my self to put on in real life), Im somewhat endangered by Alexandra Grant, who may have several abilities. The frequently post explained to me yesterday that Alexandra happens to be a visual musician, and that I continued Instagram for proof. Here it is!

The email states she generates operate in methods such as for instance sculpture, artwork, bringing, and video, which formally tends to make the a multi-talent and I despise they. But Im pleased for Keanu! *eye twitches*

3. They’ve got collaborated on significantly more than bumping uglies

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We told you males this past, but Keanu and Alexandra get regarded one another for a long time, and worked well along on two e-books of poetry which Keanu composed (without a doubt the man performed, swoon) and Alexandra shown last year and 2016. In visit our website addition, they acquire a publishing quarters with each other known as times writers and singers courses, which on its internet site states it is actually devoted to creating thoughtful, top-notch, artist-centred courses that fit within and between genres.

Keanu and Alex at an event platonically! in 2016. Debt: David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images

4. Keanu and Alexandra currently online dating for months

As someone who believed maybe i’d date Keanu Reeves sooner or later, this type of formula is actually an arduous someone ingest. Individuals are quoting a resource whom says your partners started going out with sooner in 2010, but have were going to keep it quiet. The LACMA event regarding sunday had beennt their own initial open public appearance either, with paparazzi breaks i discovered an additional frequent send history (but maynt be able to buy) revealing them keeping arms at in June on Saint-Laurent Mens spring season summer time 20 in Malibu, in addition to appearing using their body around 1 in May on MOCA advantages 2019 in l . a ..

5. Keanu is prepared public.

Identically People piece furthermore states that if months of trying to keep they to the DL, Keanu currently desires to show off his or her lady love around city. And why wouldnt one, enjoy is fantastic! And this woman is awesome. The source says: Keanu must freely communicate his lifestyle together. He’s very happy and grateful to possess Alex inside the daily life.

Pictured: pair PRETTY INDIVIDUALS ADORE. Credit Score Rating: Taylor Slope / Getty Images

Okay it’s in fact excessively. No one is entitled to be pleased over Keanu, a literal real human angel on earth.

6. He or she must like her

Regularly Mail (Ive truly contributed to their particular day-to-day site visitors targets, huh) highlights that Keanu never used a girl on a red-carpet, have ever. In reality, choosing girl hes taken as his own date to any such thing is his own mum or his or her related. Making this major and that I concede conquer.

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